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Iyabinghi Ashanti Tafari

Kemetic Yoga Instructor, Wellness Practioner, and self-made Ital/Vegan Chef, Iyabinghi Ashanti Tafari was born in Portland, Jamaica on the 24th of September, 1961. 

Embracing the Rastafari tradition at age 15 while attending high school introduced her to an Ital/Eco friendly idea of living and the idea of embracing Afrikan culture in its fullness. 

She started studying Kemetic philosophy in 2001 and within four years was introduced to Kemetic Yoga upon her moving to Florida. By 2009 she was trained in the Thef Neteru System and ten years later in the YogaSkills method. 


Upon returning home to Jamaica she immersed herself in teaching yoga as an on-call instructor for several establishments in Portland, namely GeeJam, The Trident Hotel, Goblin Hill Hotel, Mockingbird Hill Resort, Bay View Resort and at private villas in and around San San and the Blue Lagoon area of East Portland, Jamaica. 

For more than a year she has also taught a free Kemetic Yoga class on one of the beautiful beaches located close to the town of Port Antonio.

A year after returning home she began doing one on one teacher training and has so far trained eight students to become yoga instructors. 

By 2013 she also started co-facilitating retreats. 


With her traditional orientation to food, Iyabinghi has experiences in presenting a wide range of cooked Ital foods as well as live foods. 


Also raised among women whom are very well versed on traditional herbal medicine she has carried on their legacy as a vital part of her Rastafari livity. She carries with her a wealth of knowledge of the Afrikan traditions still found in the cultural norms of island home.


She is the International Coordinator for this upcoming retreat. A true gem of a person!

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